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  • Felino Salami Pizza RecipeFelino Salami Pizza RecipeDo you know how to make the famous Felino Salami Pizza? If not, it's your chance to learn. Enjoy the pizza!
  • Ben 10 Power GadgetsBen 10 Power GadgetsBen 10 Power Gadgets is another Ben 10 fighting game where you have to fight against your enemies and complete each level successfully. In this game, you have to fight and kill all your enemies who are on your way and reach the exit door to successfully complete the level and to unlock the next level. In order to unlock the door you must grab all Gadgets and reach the endpoint. There are special icons too, every special icon has a different hero to play as and to fight to survive. Collect as many points as you can to score more. Clear all seven levels and win the game. Publisher:
  • Seaquest RemakeSeaquest RemakeHas you controlling a submarine as you race to retrieve stranded divers at the bottom of the ocean floor. Once you submerge, you\’ll have to contend 0with killer sharks and enemy subs trying to stop you. Fortunately, your sub is equipped with torpedoes that can be fired continuously by holding down the fire button. You\’ll also have to keep a watchful eye on the oxygen tank, because if your ship doesn\’t get to the surface in time, it will explode and you\’ll lose one divers.
  • Peppys Sagittarius GirlPeppys Sagittarius Girl She's bright and lovely. Help her pick the right dress.
  • Super Julio 3Super Julio 3Classic platform game with Christmas theme. More enemies and creatures to fight with.
  • Marios Adventure 2Marios Adventure 2 Awesome graphic mario game in flash
  • Transformers PrestigeTransformers Prestige Guide Transformers robot leader through the Earth's catacombs to acquire energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron.
  • Fantastic Chef Pear PieFantastic Chef Pear Pie This pie recipe uses fresh pears which you first caramelize in butter, brown sugar and rum and then bake inside fresh pastry for a delicious result.
  • Peppy's Usher Dress UpPeppy's Usher Dress UpHe want it bad to be dress up.

  • Lovele SyotjaketseutailLovele Syotjaketseutail Get prepared for our new Lovele model.
  • Angry Birds RioAngry Birds RioThe flash version of Angry Birds Rio ! With popular gameplay made famous by Crush the Castle, sling your animals across the field to take down the invading aliens.
    Angry Birds Rio, a stand-alone edition tying into the release of the 20th Century Fox animated film Rio, was launched for iOS, Android and Mac OS X in March 2011. In this version, the Angry Birds characters appear in Rio de Janeiro and interact with characters from the film. Angry Birds Rio initially includes two chapters, each with 30 levels; the Angry Birds rescue caged exotic birds in the first chapter and attack evil marmosets in the second and third chapters. The game also includes new hidden items and planned level updates in May, July, October and November 2011. The reception of Angry Birds Rio has been positive, with Ryan Rigney of GamePro saying the iOS version boasts some notable improvements on its predecessors and Levi Buchanan of IGN, in his review of the Android version, calling the game ``a smart, snappy new chapter for the series``. Since release, Angry Birds Rio has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The first planned update, a new chapter called Beach Volley, was released in May 2011 and included 30 new game levels.
  • FlourishFlourishClick around as your flourish the scene. Similar to the Grow genre.

  • FrutonoidFrutonoidUsing the mouse, guide your paddle to bounce the ball around the screen and break all blocks on the screen. If the ball falls beyond your paddle, you\’ll lose a life. Clear a screen and advance to the next level. Catch the falling fruits to add them to your score.
  • Bone ChainBone ChainStart a zombie-death chain reaction, but don't harm the blue ghouls!
  • GutrisGutrisGutris was an internal organ based Tetris clone commissioned for Doctor's.
  • Star Wars Rogue SquadronStar Wars Rogue SquadronShoot the evil empire in this Star Wars themed game.

  • Abstract SeaAbstract Sea Fight your way to victory with this miniature ships.
  • Escape The CarEscape The Car You're trapped in a car like a bad mafia movie. It's either figure out a way to escape or die trying. Can you click your way to freedom?
  • Card GameCard Game Something is horribly wrong here...
  • Being One Episode 3Being One Episode 3 Escape, Climb higher and find out more about what you are!
  • Squirrel Nutty TreatsSquirrel Nutty TreatsTreats as nutty as these can only be sold by a squirrel!

  • Tracy & FairyTracy & FairyTracy and her fairy are having a little party. Why don't you join and help them find some fancy combinations for tracy to wear.

  • LuminaraLuminaraDestroy all of the moving objects, score points, and go to the next level.
  • Cactus McCoy 2Cactus McCoy 2Cactus McCoy returns for a brand-new epic adventure! After a struggle with rival treasure hunter Ella Windstorm, McCoy learns of the ruins of Calavera and the riches it holds in the distant lands to the south. When an ancient enemy appears and kidnaps Ella, McCoy sets out on an epic journey across the continent to find Ella and claim the treasure of Calavera. Once again, McCoy will have to run,
  • El Huacho BoxeaEl Huacho BoxeaFight against your enemy boxer.
  • Ball RevampedBall RevampedTry to keep the ball steady and move it safely to the exit!
  • Bronks Jungle AdventureBronks Jungle Adventure Collect the most points while reaching the level exit.
  • Legendary FightLegendary Fight Here is a legendary creature, which is trying to destroy its enemies in the middle of floating steps.Beware of these floating steps,because it's a shaky structure and does not allow you to stand for a longer time. Try to keep up your health while destroying the enemies, and do not lose your life.
  • Thrills And ChillsThrills And Chills Do as many stunts as you can, but watch out for obstacles.
  • Bandit HazardBandit HazardShoot as many bandits as you can along your way with your energy spirit ball.

  • ObnoxiusObnoxius puzzle type action game where you need to move one Obnoxian to the opposite homepoint. Sounds easy, but be aware of the obstacles and the time running out.
  • Sara's Cooking Class: Q...Sara's Cooking Class: Q...Melted cheesy goodness to make your tummy happy...
  • Earth DefenderEarth Defender Defend earth from asteroids with your rotating shield. Don't miss too many or we're all dead!
  • MicroboatsMicroboats Race your Microboat around the tracks as you try and beat all the computer players.
  • Real 3D PoolReal 3D Pool Finally - a pool table that will fit into any home! Play 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, cowboy or golf pool in eight exotic environments. Crisp 3D graphics make you feel like you're right on the felt. And you'll be amazed with the game's super-realistic physics.
  • Make Roasted Sea Bream RecipeMake Roasted Sea Bream RecipeTry your skills in the kitchen with this great fish cooking game. The recipe is not that complicated so you only have to follow it exactly. The instructions will be a permanent reminder of what you have to do in order to get it just right. Cut the oranges then mix all the ingredients up. Spice up the fish then place it in the over and the dish is ready to eat.
  • SevenventureSevenventureIt\’s a level playing field when everyone has the same lucky number!
  • Ninja GloveNinja GloveSpeed and wisdom are your tools to prove yourself a master finger ninja.
  • Christmas LootChristmas LootGet in the spirit of Christmas with this festive holiday match-3 game! Features explosive powerups, chain reactions, and a special "Endless Christmas" mode that generates an unlimited amount of random match-3 levels for you to puzzle through.Swap tiles to create matches of 3 or more similar tiles and remove them from the board. Green and red backgrounds behind matched tiles are also removed - clear away all of them to complete the level. Frozen tiles hang in midair and cannot be swapped - instead, swap tiles nearby them to include them in matches and smash through the ice. Doubleclick (or swap) special powerup tiles to activate them. Pressing P or Esc pauses the game.
  • Twice As BounceTwice As Bounce Try to jump as often as possible without falling off the 2 trampoline.
  • Cute Christmas TreeCute Christmas TreeChop down your own tree for a merry Christmas memory!
  • Word Search Gameplay 50Word Search Gameplay 50 Google all Planets given on the board.
  • Batman - Spot The DifferenceBatman - Spot The DifferenceYour mission in this game is to Identify the differences in these batman images, then click it to confirm. You have to complete the task before time runs out.
  • Find the Objects GymFind the Objects Gym Find the objects which are hidden inside with in 10 min. Click over the objects to get points. You will lose points for making mistakes.

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