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  • Desert TruckDesert TruckExplore the desert with a powerful truck, drive on the mountains of sand, and try to collect as many gold rocks you can, the track is really challenging, you will have to try your best not to get stuck in the sand or to crash your truck into obstacles. Have fun!
  • Winx Club ZumaWinx Club ZumaShoot the color matching balls to eliminate them.

  • Dj MixerDj Mixer Mix all kind of tracks and create some funky beats and grooves.
  • Jasmine and Her DogJasmine and Her DogUse your mouse to do each task. Let your dog be the judge.

  • MaXX Machine 2MaXX Machine 2Build your metal beast to tackle the road conditions...and your opponent.
  • Batter Fried FishBatter Fried FishDo you want to surprise your family with a surprise dinner? Learn to prepare this delicious fish by just following the instructions of this easy recipe and mix the ingredients.

  • Space Jumble GameSpace Jumble GameCan you put the pieces back together? See if you can complete this 8-piece puzzle game.
  • Jonas BrothersJonas BrothersHave fun coloring in your favorite singers: The Jonas Brothers.

  • Sushi ZumaSushi ZumaShoot at groups of items of the same kind and make them disappear.
  • Find A WayFind A Way In this game you need to build a path for a chicken. You have all pieces of the path, but some of them are not at their place. You can move pieces that have a free spot nearby to the free spot. Moving the pieces this way you must make sure your path will lead the chicken to its destination.
  • Cute School KidCute School KidA cute school dressup. Have fun with your creations and once you're done simply print and share with your friends.
  • Rabbit Catch FishRabbit Catch FishCute rabbit wants a change of taste. Help him catch fish first and then push them to the cooking pot.
  • KnifeKnife Get as many kills as possible before dying! Run around and get as many flags as
    possible before the time runs out!
  • Priest Vs EvilPriest Vs EvilIn the fight between the good and the bad, even a priest has to haul out the big guns. In Priest Vs Evil you have to help the holy man to defeat hordes of zombies using a variety of weapons, like a baseball bat, a sword or a shotgun. Move him to and fro to smash all attacking weirdos as you try to collect new, more powerful weapons. Send all evil back to hell! Publisher:
  • SIM Air TrafficSIM Air TrafficCan you juggle all these planes, or will your airport crash and fail?
  • Holly Hobbie Muffin MakerHolly Hobbie Muffin Maker Help these three nice girls decorate muffins!
  • S.A.M SiteS.A.M SiteShoot down the missiles coming to destroy your city.

  • Peppy s Alicia Keys Dress UpPeppy s Alicia Keys Dress Up No one can beat her when it come to singing but she needs help when it come to dressing up.
  • Toys For Girls and BoysToys For Girls and Boys Serve quickly all the boys and girls that come to your store to buy toys.
  • Sky CollapseSky CollapseDon't let the blocks reach the top, find groups of 3 or more and click them to destroy them.
  • Beautiful Gal Makeover 4Beautiful Gal Makeover 4This pretty lady would like your help giving her a face makeover. Adjust her hair, skin tone, lips, eyes, mascara, and even give her a tattoo if you would like! Remember to use the before and after feature to watch her transform from her old to her new self. This marks the fourth game in our Makeover Gal Series.
  • Pet Shop CaringPet Shop Caringfeed the pets and cats with what they want to have. You can give them milk, food toys and a lot of others things. Try to reach the level and you can also choose a hard or easy way to play the game.

  • Word Search Gameplay 38Word Search Gameplay 38 Search all given instruments on the board.
  • Bug MonsterBug MonsterMatch 3 of the same icons before time runs out.

  • Torque Find The NumbersTorque Find The Numbers Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.
  • Pussy PathPussy Path Help the pussy cat to grab its food without getting caught by the doggies. On its way if its caught by the dog the life gets reduced. You need to make it grab as much food as it can before the time lapses. You score up with the food it gets-up. You move on to the next level after completing the number of food mentioned to be garbed, which increases with each level
  • Shrek and Fiona Wedding DayShrek and Fiona Wedding Day Get the most endearing and frightening couple get ready for there union.
  • Mr DangerMr DangerDraw a line for Mr. Danger to slide on and get to the flag.
  • Animal ShelterAnimal ShelterFind new homes for all the cuddly critters in your care!
  • Different Picture 3Different Picture 3Find the difference between the true and false pictures.
  • Plague of KittensPlague of Kittens Your objective in this little fun game is to use your bouncy pad to bounce the kittens to safety. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the pad. If you bounce the kittens really low they can land and walk away. Points are awarded for bouncing kittens. Extra lives are awarded for saving kittens.
  • Cars vs ZombiesCars vs ZombiesIn this awesome physics puzzle platformer, your mission is to run over all of the zombies without letting the cars fall off the platforms! Can you kill all the zombies on every level?
  • Mario BikeMario BikeYou are Mario, driving on a bike and you need to collect all of the coins, are you the best driver in town? Publisher: 247gamesonline
  • GT RacingGT RacingPut your foot to the floorboards and prepare to burn some rubber…
  • HellephantHellephant Shoot the flying big game hunter, demon mouse, and flaming lion.
  • Yoshis JumpingYoshis Jumping Launch and throw Yoshi for as far as you can.
  • nonameescapenonameescape Try escape this very unknown room and find out it's secrets.
  • Cute Wendy DressupCute Wendy DressupWendy is going to walk at Central Park and needs your help for choosing her outfit! Pick some cute clothes and make her adorable.

  • Transformers ArmadaTransformers Armada You're under attack! Protect the mine as long as you can. If the Decepticons steal 100 units of Energon, The game is over. Use your mouse to position and fire the missile launcher. Watch your aim. Blow up the Energon and the game is over. Move the slider to change the velocity of the missiles.
  • Tripeaks ManiaTripeaks ManiaStack cards on a pile that are 1 away from the card pile.
  • Escape The Games RoomEscape The Games RoomEscape the game room and free yourself from the mysterious house hidden far away in the mountains. Collect clues and solve puzzles by entering the right code combination to escape the room
  • Girl Rock Band Dress UpGirl Rock Band Dress UpThis trio of talented rockers is going on tour, but the girls need help picking out which clothes to pack.

  • PizzarellaPizzarella You need to put certain toppings onto a pizza following the clients' orders. The weird thing is the choice of toppings. There's a lot of crazy stuff there, like hats, cookies and even socks.
  • Lily Allen: Escape the...Lily Allen: Escape the...The Fear is Rising! Help Lily escape to the beat of her own music.

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