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  • Gear TowerGear Tower Use multiple mouse cursors to click on objects to help later cursors grab the gear and progress.
  • Cooking Show Roast TurkeyCooking Show Roast Turkey Roasting a turkey isn't as hard as it sounds. Here's a basic recipe to get you started. In this case, the turkey is not stuffed, so you might want to prepare a stuffing on the side.
  • Super Castle Quest Part 1Super Castle Quest Part 1 Get off your lazy butt and get to slaying some demons, whippersnapper!
  • Motocross Unleashed 3DMotocross Unleashed 3DMotocross Unleashed 3D Game. It will be very tough job, you have to get a motor bike and start the 3D race with best challengers. Make sure that you have to become champion in this 3d motocross game. Beware of traps and use the boost to win. Publisher:
  • Red Jet RabbitRed Jet Rabbit Red Jet Rabbit is a crazy cartoon game. Buy upgrades like engines and rockets to make your car go faster. Try to hit every item on the road and throw items such as piano's and submarines on your car. Complete the game by entirely destroying your car.
  • Cake FactoryCake FactoryLook at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.
  • Lovele Blouse with MeotnaegiLovele Blouse with Meotnaegi Try this fashion forward dresses.
  • Cinderella Pumpkin CarriageCinderella Pumpkin CarriageHow will you be dress for the ball? Will the prince notice you? No doubt, the prince will select you as his bride!
  • Luigi Castle On FireLuigi Castle On Fire You're Luigi, jump over openings in the castle floor and dodge the Mario Bros. universe creatures.
  • Purple Room EscapePurple Room EscapeIn this game, you have to solve puzzles and discover hidden objects in order to find your way out from the purple room. Can you able to escape the purple room? Good luck and have fun!

  • BFF's Big AdventuresBFF's Big AdventuresWhen you have a best friend on your side, even your wildest dreams seem possible. These two BFF's are planning a trip around the world but first they must get over all their differences. Choose a game mode (easy, medium, high) and start pointing out the differences at each level. Follow the cute BFF's in their big adventures!
  • BiomessBiomessWipe out scores of biological man made disasters before its too late in biomess.

  • Zombie Apocalypse QuizZombie Apocalypse QuizDo you have what it takes to survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

  • Donald Duck Ice Cream ScoopDonald Duck Ice Cream ScoopHelp Donal create the tallest ice crea in a cone ever

  • Gem BlitzGem Blitzlink two same diamonds and you'll have a blitz! Let's play now!
  • Design Your Summer DressDesign Your Summer DressDesign beautiful summer dress by yourself and prove that you are good at fashion designer. I believe that you works will be very nice, fashionable, cute and lovely :)
  • Golden BoyGolden BoyPress the arrow keys your directed to quickly as you survive and watch the storyline progress.

  • Kicking!Kicking!Score a goal and prove to Phil you are skilled enough to play on his team!
  • TribesTribes Who do these military boys think they are? Go tribal on their booties.
  • Fast DrinkFast DrinkDefeat your opponent by drinking for as fast as you can.

  • Final Fantasy Sonic X2Final Fantasy Sonic X2Sonic and the gang went to to Hyrule for some adventure. Where they found out the power of the sword and it's use. Also the evil plan of of Lord Chain.

    ACTW is the password

  • Devil's LeapDevil's LeapKill angels with devilish block on each of the 24 physics levels.You must choose the direction and strength of shoot to kill all the angels and stay within a certain number of throws. The game is not as easy as it sounds, sometimes you just do not shoot, but you need to think a little bit.
  • Samis Pet CareSamis Pet Care Help cute Sami to run her own pet daycare. Pickup the pets from their bosses, treat them with care, and return them to their bosses, when they come back from their busy lives!! Try to make it through each round to unlock fancy new upgrades for your pet shop.
  • Meeting NumberMeeting NumberTry to guess whats is the numbers under the cards.

  • Serfs upSerfs up It's way back in the Middle Ages and the King's favorite sport is called Serf's Up! Guide the Black Knight as he whacks unsuspecting peasants for distance.
  • CubeoCubeoCube\’o\’ is a puzzle game based on the Rubik\’s cube…....but with a twist!! Your job is to arrange the pieces to their original state via sliding individual blocks around the cube using the empty space provided. Guaranteed to keep you guessing!!
  • Rock Your PromRock Your Prom All girls know that finding the perfect prom dress is super important! Sky Breeze and her friends need help choosing between all these beautiful prom dresses.
  • Mini Fruit PieMini Fruit Pie You'll crave these mouth-watering fruit pies as much as your customers do!
  • Wedding Cake Decoration GameWedding Cake Decoration GameWedding cakes are the grand finale to a beautiful wedding. Select from the left menu the ingredients and on the right side of the screen you will see the result. When you will finish this beautiful cake you can show it to the bride. Good luck!
  • Sugar CastSugar CastJump on moving pieces as high as you can and score points.
  • Go Diego Go Snowboard RescueGo Diego Go Snowboard Rescue Diego needs help snowboarding down the mountain so he can save animals.
  • Desert RiderDesert Rider Ride your four wheeler over the terrain as you keep from tipping over and reaching checkpoints.
  • Peppy Sagitaurus GirlPeppy Sagitaurus Girl Release the bull out of these bombshell beauty.
  • JournalizmJournalizmManage your team of journalists as you supply them coffee, sell their work, and keep them writing.

  • Pair UpPair UpFind and match the exact pair of objects hidden behind the boxes. A correct match adds 100 points whereas a wrong match deducts 5 points.
  • The Great Burger BuilderThe Great Burger BuilderBuild burgers in the exact order as shown on the cook's chart.
  • Feedn Frenzy Blue CustomFeedn Frenzy Blue Custom This is a pretty strange, yet cool game. Try to get bigger and not eaten by things that are larger than you.
  • Kiss The FrogKiss The FrogThese froggies' only way of breaking the awful spell put on them is to kiss till they regain their human shape. Help them out!
  • Trapped Part 2 The DarkTrapped Part 2 The DarkYou can click either on the floor, to walk, or on the objects, to walk and use them. The mouse will have a red border when you roll over clickable objects. If two objects are stacked, you'll need to click on both. There's nothing indicating which one you.
  • El FuaaaEl FuaaaEl fua is on the streets beating up random zombies and you can join the fun. El fua is some random drunken spanish guy who like to scream El fuaaa!
  • Ice-9Ice-9A simple puzzle game going on the usual formula of connecting same-color dots. Great music, fun, quick play.Click on an intersection to rotate the ice blocks clockwise; Shift-click to rotate the ice blocks counter-clockwise. Connect 3 or more ice blocks of the same color to clear them. New ice blocks grow periodically off of the old ones (see the timer in the bottom right). If the Ice-9 grows _past_ the edge, all is lost! Note that black ice blocks are immobile and can not be destroyed.
  • Beach BallsBeach BallsRelax with beach balls. Enjoy the island, play the game.
  • Lovele Denim StyleLovele Denim Style Try different kinds of denim fashion.
  • BiomassBiomass Biomass is a new twist on the color a row to make it disappear concept.

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