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  • Ever Rising WaterEver Rising WaterTake control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gameplay in an open seas Physics game. Too many shapes will sink your boat! While too many shapes falling in water will raise water level! So Keep it balanced and keep scoring.Game also features many Achievements, Power ups and a Challenge mode.
  • Bone RangerBone RangerUse your flaming skull to burn the chains and defend your castle. Collect green and avoid red.

  • Dragon RageDragon Rage Avoid the monsters as you gather items and stay alive for as long as possible.
  • Going DownGoing DownThe more you go down, the more your score goes up!
  • Sporty DressupSporty DressupSporty dressup lets you create different outfits, such as soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, golf, baseball, and even beach ball. Select the color and once you are done print the result.
  • King of FightersKing of FightersWolves attacking! this version joined Terry to the "King of Fighters" team! Point to 10 roles. Hold the head in the selection letter O key to select the role "inner model." Optional direct runaway Iori, Boss serpent is still hidden role.
  • Cake ClixCake ClixCakes are falling from the sky. Click to eliminate groups of 3 or more before they reach the top!
  • Memorize the Periodic TableMemorize the Periodic TableGot a chemistry quiz coming up, or just want to improve your familiarity with the elements? Then this game is for you!
  • Beautiful Nail DesignBeautiful Nail DesignDo you notice the nails and hands of models while they walk on ramp shows? If you are mostly diverted by their dresses and graceful walking, then this game will cheer you up. You can bring out plenty of combination of nail color rings, tattoos and bracelets.
  • Yellow Blocks EscapeYellow Blocks EscapeYou are locked in a weird yellow room. Find all the yellow objects to escape!
  • Kid N ZombiesKid N ZombiesHelp the kid make it across the field of Zombies! How long can you survive?
  • Colorado Mountain StylingColorado Mountain StylingLiving in a cabin up in the mountains is a wonderful lifestyle because it is so beautiful! This girl just moved to Colorado and wants a makeover so her fashion and styling are as beautiful as her new surroundings. Go through all the different items to find the things that look good together until you make a full outfit. Once you are done you can see how she looks.
  • RoboKillRoboKillpace Station Titan Prime has been invaded by angry robots. Naturally, you need to destroy them all. Thank goodness for fantastic weapon upgrades, huh?

  • Deer BitchDeer Bitch Shooting wolves from a helicopter is just cruel. But throwing deer from a helicopter? That's sportsmanship!
  • Crab DecorationCrab DecorationThe most common summer refinements are crab recipes, there are a lot of ways of preparing them, depending on people tastes, they combine it with different ingredients from sea fruits to tasty vegetables. Many people don't really know how to handle the crabs and how to cook them, so we had made a game in witch you can find a few tips in how to prepare a crab. Now you can choose how you want to serve your crab, if it will be a crab curry, a crab with asparagus or a crab with exotic ingredients, it's up to you to choose from the panels the ornaments and tasty ingredients, to decorate it and serve it to your friends.
  • Super Wiggi BallSuper Wiggi Ball Jump up with different moves and hit the balls that are shot out at you.
  • HeirHeir A innovative sidescroller game of climbing up monsters and stabing them. Don't forget to scout ahead
  • Real PongReal PongThis is the best table tennis game. At last ping pong game could be as fun as real ping pong game !
  • Disney ParkDisney ParkYour pictures are related to Disneyland. You need to find minor differences between 2 similar pictures and click on them. Once all differences are found, you pass to the next level.

  • BombricksBombricksMatch3 like game with awesome graphical effects and lot of bonuses.
  • Hannah Montana Wireless QuestHannah Montana Wireless Quest Help Miley follow the clues and find the diary before class starts! Collect stars for bonus points or the timer to freeze time for 30 seconds.
  • Good Game FarmerGood Game Farmer Good game Farmer is the brand new farm simulation title from Good game Studios. Enjoy the beautiful country life and manage your virtual farm. Grow crops and trees, care for animals and earn lots of fun achievements and upgrades. Expand and improve your farmstead and play with your friends from all over the world in this fun and cute game!
  • CalaverasCalaverasLike the classic bejeweled game with a creepy twist.Switch skulls to have 3 in a row to make points.
  • Highway Motel EscapeHighway Motel EscapeThis is the 150th escape game of games2rule and the biggest game ever. Highway Motel Escape is type of point and click new escape game from In this game you are trapped inside in a highway hotel. There is no one near to help you. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the highway motel. Have a fun game play.
  • Quick DrawQuick Draw Shoot Buster before he shoots you. Click on the revolver to reload.
    Shoot the bonus items that fly by for additional points.
  • Red HeliRed HeliSee how long you can hold out on your own against a full army, shooting at you, you must take out as many of the opposition as you possibly can, before they take you out

  • Mechanism 3Mechanism 3Slice the mechanism in different ways to reach the portal.

  • To be new hostessTo be new hostessMonica the young beauty works as an air hostess and loves to fly high. Today she needs your help to make her look nice and impeccable. Take a look her uniforms, dresses from her wardrobe and dress up her with the best one. Choose a nice hairstyle and some cool accessories to give her look a real professional one.
  • Star SplashStar SplashFreewheeling, frolicking flipper fun!
  • Mummy and MonstersMummy and MonstersThis mummy's on a mission to scare all the monsters awake.Click the mummy to make it start or stop rolling. Click objects in the level to help the mummy reach the monster.
  • Z4H Supermarket BowlingZ4H Supermarket BowlingHit specially marked zombie targets to earn reward points. Save up for new and better bowling balls.

  • Free FallFree Fall Make your descent and avoid the mines!
  • Neverending BubblesNeverending BubblesDestroy groups of two or more bubbles to get points. You lose if there are no more bubbles to destroy.
  • Superman  - Fix My TilesSuperman - Fix My TilesTry to fix the tile slots in the exact places to get the original picture.

  • Mayor Helicopter MadnessMayor Helicopter MadnessYour blockhead mayor is good at making need to be good at picking up the pieces!
  • Stormwinds 1.5Stormwinds 1.5Place your turrets and shoot all of your enemies.
  • FMX SuitmanFMX Suitman Take on the challenging terrain and gain points on the way to complete levels. Buy different tutorials thought out the game to help you master the best tricks in the sport witch will maximize your points and experience for levels ahead. Good luck!
  • For the TwinFor the TwinWho knew that aliens would all be twist-and-turn tango twins?
  • Cute Dragon ShooterCute Dragon ShooterHit the targets and flying objects to collect as many points as possible before your time runs out! But don't hit the bananas! Hit the alarm clocks to stop the timer.

  • Hidden Numbers MerryGoRoundHidden Numbers MerryGoRoundFind the numbers hidden in the MerryGoAround.A correct hit adds 100 points whereas a wrong guess deducts 100 points
  • Marionette MadnessMarionette Madness This chef isn't very good but the mouse is a big help. You can help too by gathering the ingredients so they can get cooking.
  • Hidden Targets BungalowsHidden Targets Bungalows Discover where they are hidden and shoot them with your arch.
  • Apple CatchApple CatchA memory + hidden object + skill game where you have to keep your eyes sharp to find apples, great memory for knowing the exact object, and unbeatable skill for clicking on the object as soon as possible.
  • Glam FashionGlam FashionThis fancy stylista is used to steal the spotlight and be the center of attention in her fancy-sophisticated, glamorous outfits!

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