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  • Crazy PogoCrazy PogoTake control of the mighty pogo and unleash havoc destroying everything in sight. No advertisement. Y8 introduction added. Thank you!
  • Green-Gray World: Not F...Green-Gray World: Not F...It's a green-gray world, and ain't no losers gonna make it across these platforms.
  • Space Ranger Buzz Lightyears Galactic ShootoutSpace Ranger Buzz Lightyears Galactic Shootout Try to get a high score by shooting away at the enemies that appear on the screen! Being shot by the enemies or shooting the little green men will reduce your life points.. If you run out of life points, it's game over.
  • The Umpire Strikes BackThe Umpire Strikes BackGet ready to fight back against attack of the streakers.
  • Killing GroundsKilling GroundsTime to test your mettle, soldier. Welcome to the killing fields.
  • Office Slacking 3Office Slacking 3Sarah has found a new job after being fired for time-wasting! But she hasn't changed her lazy ways!
    Help her complete all the activities within 3 minutes, but make sure not to get caught by the nasty boss.

  • The Cupcake CrusadesThe Cupcake CrusadesA cute strategy game of sending out your cupcake troops. Please give a reasonable strategy to defeat enemies. Upgrade properly or you may have trouble.
  • Fairytale KissFairytale KissSneak some sweet kisses with your sweetheart to save the village!
  • Mini PizzaMini PizzaNow who doesn't love pizza? With this simple recipe you can make mini pizzas in as little as 15 minutes.

  • Warbears Adventures - An A.R. X-MasWarbears Adventures - An A.R. X-MasTalk to Bob the shop keeper as you find the Christmas items you want. Click around to progress.
  • whiteandblackwhiteandblack Find a way to escape the White and Black room.
  • Aqua TurretAqua TurretDestroy entire waves of war boats with your turret. How long can you survive?
  • Millie Megavolte 6 Millie and the Fallen HeroMillie Megavolte 6 Millie and the Fallen Hero Part 6 of the action game series Millie Megavolte, 'Millie and the Fallen Hero'.
  • beauty-rush-spot-the-differencebeauty-rush-spot-the-difference This is a fun puzzle game of the Beauty Rush series. Spot the differences between two similar pictures. There are 6 differences on each level and 4 levels in this game. Now observe carefully and get started!
  • Weather Girl Make Up GameWeather Girl Make Up GameA weather woman may know when to expect rain, but that won't save her if she isn't using water-proof make up!

  • Halloween LettersHalloween LettersFind the alphabets in creepy places.

  • Shin Chan MemoryShin Chan Memory Yopshito Usui, the person who created Shin Chan, was found dead in the mountains. This is horrible news of course. He has left behind one of the best animated comedies ever made.
  • Dreamland DifferencesDreamland DifferencesEnter the land of dreams. Try to find all the differences in these works of art. Try not to make mistakes; with every wrong click, you will lose 5 seconds. For each level you have 3 minutes, and in case you run out of time, the game ends.
  • Chicken JumpChicken JumpLaunch this chicken into the sky with a hop, skip, and flap!
  • TMNT: Tournament Fighters(1993)TMNT: Tournament Fighters(1993)The game features the original 4 turtles from the previous games in the series, as well as other fighters. The game is very much in the tradition of the Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter series, pitting you against opponents one at a time. Some fighters (besides the turtles) will be familiar, such as the Rat King, or even Shredder (now called "Cyber-Shredder" here).
  • Kissing In The WoodsKissing In The WoodsA famous couple went to the forest to collect strawberries and take advantage of the privacy of the landscape to enjoy their love. But... what bad luck! The paparazzi followed them and they're lurking around to get a picture of a passionate kiss. Don't let them be seen and don't forget the juicy fruit!
  • Pirate Golf AdventurePirate Golf AdventureA little mix of sidescrolling golf platforming with a small pirate themed storyline. Help the shipwrecked pirate Caribo to escape from the island!

  • Mount EruptionMount EruptionThey may not have had planes, but the Stone Agers sure knew how to fly!
  • Roll or BurnRoll or BurnTry to get the little ball to the other side of the pool by balancing it on the big ball.
  • Baby Doll House DécorBaby Doll House DécorHelp little Laurie arrange her baby doll studio apartment!
  • Wilts Wash N SwooshWilts Wash N Swoosh Wilt's helping out with laundry day by turning the chore into a game of basketball.
  • Roby Baggio Magical KicksRoby Baggio Magical KicksEngaging free kick simulation. Use the gauge above the ball icon to set up your shots.
  • Timon and Pumbaas Bug BlasterTimon and Pumbaas Bug Blaster Match 3 or more same-color bugs.
  • NTCreature-2NTCreature-2An epic action-tower-defense game with lovely graphic style! Raise your creature and build towers to defend against enemies! Total of 28 creatures, 10 towers and 6 different game mode now in NTCreature2! Each creature has unique attack and ability! Remember that after you finish story levels with one race of creatures, you can use all creatures of this race in the challenge mode! Please rate it if you like it! Feedbacks or bugs reports are most appreciated!
  • Zac Efron and Lucas TillZac Efron and Lucas TillZac Efron and Lucas Till are both successful actors. Today they are invited to a television show and they have to look their best. Dress them up, choose their hair styles and accessories.
  • BluesQuiz 2BluesQuiz 2Move the mouse over the squares to reveal the blues artist and guess who he is!
  • The Flirt QuizThe Flirt QuizSweet, sultry, or shy? Find your flirting style!
  • East FantasyEast FantasyFight the different enemies and boss characters in this sidescroller fighting game.

  • Burger Restaurant 3Burger Restaurant 3Quirkier customers, ethnic dishes--burger restaurant is going on a world tour!
  • Speed EscapeSpeed Escape Kyle is the master of escape games and he prepared three puzzles for you! If you're ready for the challenge, start by escaping the three rooms. Click on the interesting items and pick up useful pieces to get use of them in the puzzle! I bet you can't defeat Kyle!
  • Plumber BoyPlumber Boy Rotate the pipes and pumps to get all pumps to turn green. Can you solve them all?
  • Fatman GoFatman GoPhysics game where you must bring the bomb out into the rain. Your goal is to take the bomb to the rain cloud.

  • Find the Difference Game Play 4Find the Difference Game Play 4 This game is exclusively developed to test your power of observation in finding the difference.Find the possible differences in given pictures.Try to find the difference before time ends.
  • Sourdough Sam in Egg CatcherSourdough Sam in Egg Catcher Help Sam catch as many eggs as he can! Don't let the white eggs drop.
  • Cuboy Hot PantsCuboy Hot PantsLiar, liar, pants on fire!
  • Aoyama Gones WildAoyama Gones WildAoyama is a nerd that was abused by some guys, he want his revenge but he needs an army. Some of the most powerful nerds are there in order to help him but they require that Aoyama had at least some "grays" with him, and you will help him to transoform the "normal people" into "grays".
  • Mileage AceMileage AceHow high can you fly?

    Bounce from mileage bubble to mileage bubble to fly as high as you can. Visit various cities around the world en-route and 'bee' careful to avoid those pesky bees!

    With a plethora of bonus bubbles to help (or occasionally hinder!) you on your way, this game will have you bouncing for days!

    Be warned! This game is dangerously addictive!

  • Farmers On FireFarmers On Fire Farmers On Fire is a rural version of the classic Bomberman game! Run through mazes, eliminate the CPU enemy or a human opponent.
  • Witch or Fairy Dress upWitch or Fairy Dress upWitch or Fairy Dress up: Decide yourself to be a With or Fairy :D. Try out all costumes, then find out which one fit you best ^^

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