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  • Build A CastleBuild A CastleShoot the enemies by using tanks and build the castle before enemies
  • Galactic 123 FrontlineGalactic 123 FrontlineGalactic 123 Frontline – This game features an anime styled science fiction story where two old friends part ways and end up in rival factions. The Planetian Republic is at danger. This is an action game, where the player gets to use laser guns, pistols and rifles against ground enemies. The player also gets to participate in space battles. Story will be told in several episodes.
  • Fans Laud MJFans Laud MJ Being a great fan of MJ, you have emulated him as good as to become his shadow, and in order to perform MJ\’s dance steps. Perform MJ\’s dance steps by pressing the appropriate number which is displayed on the screen. Complete the training level successfully and get into the game levels. At each level, fill the bar at least 50% by performing MJ\’s dance steps within the given time duration.
  • Blackjack GoldBlackjack GoldChoose your bet, deal, and see if you need to hit or stand to win.
  • Christmas Bubbles GameChristmas Bubbles GameNow is the most fun game of Christmas. Board of balls with the same picture to eliminate them and thus move to the next level.
  • selena-mileyselena-miley Selena and Miley are going out to party.
  • Valentine Hearts RemoveValentine Hearts RemoveRemove special Valentine Hearts tiles for chain bonuses!
  • Trash Attack 2Trash Attack 2 Gemma's trying to keep the cinema clean, but the mess is getting so bad she's even got to clear up during the films! Move Gemma around between the seats, and hit litter into the bins in the corners by swinging the broom. You get more points for hitting rubbish in from further away, and the game ends if the Dirtometer shows the cinema's got too grubby!
  • Make Cheese OmelettesMake Cheese OmelettesIts breakfast time and for today we will be making some flavorful cheese omelettes. This is a quick and easy breakfast food which also tastes great. Enjoy following the recipe as you combine the ingredients and cook your omelette in this cooking game.

  • PC RoomPC RoomServe the clients at the cybercafe, give them cards to connect to internet, serve them what they order, then charge them and clean the seat.

  • Iron OutIron OutAvoid obstacles by either skirting round them or take to the air with the PerfectCare iron. Collect power-ups to help you iron out life\’s hassles and steam your way to victory in this frantic distance game. How long can you keep flattening those creases?
  • Pairs Evolved – Yummy YummyPairs Evolved – Yummy YummyAnother fun pairs reaction game where you need to match up the picture pairs as fast as possible to clear the grid. Can you manage it in under 20 seconds?
  • Eenie BounceEenie Bounce Bounce on bounce pads and avoid touching the ground until you've grabbed every star.
  • Beauty HouseBeauty HouseChange all aspects of Brigitte's look for a fresh style.
  • BloopBloopShoot at the bloops by pressing the proper letter on your keyboard.
  • Word Search Gameplay 31Word Search Gameplay 31 Search all desert character on your screen.
  • DamDamPlay checkers against the computer or against a human opponent!
  • Sort My Tiles Winnie Tigger and EeyoreSort My Tiles Winnie Tigger and Eeyore The Trio needed tyo be sorted out.
  • School LockersSchool LockersDecorate the interior of your school locker with lights, mirrors, bags, umbrella and many more items. Write notes or short messages on the white board!
  • Carnival Girl Dress UpCarnival Girl Dress Up Show your most colorful side on this festive occasion!
  • MeeblingsMeeblingsHelp the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Meeblings' world in all 50 fun filled levels. Play Ninja Kiwi's fun free Meeblings game now!
  • Ultraman vs RobotUltraman vs RobotIt is a really disaster that robots take control of the little town! Please help ultraman find and eliminate all the robots! Publisher:
  • Fastest Time WinsFastest Time WinsRace around the computer in the 3D world. Can you pull ahead and win every track?

  • Famous Star PuzzleFamous Star Puzzle Britney, Jonas and Tokio Hotel are three music icons who pose in these puzzle.
  • Hometown DefenseHometown DefenseThe monster aliens are invading earth. People have to protect the earth together. Use your own strategy to help people kill monsters and protect the earth.
  • Magic MarbleMagic MarbleMagic marbles is a Leisure game with 12 levels, each level would have its particular element and10 targets to clear. Come and challenge yourself and create your five stars recorder.Magic marbles is a Leisure game with 12 levels, each level would have its particular element and10 targets to clear. Come and challenge yourself and create your five stars recorder. Operation Instruction: Press the shooter to increase the power, the shooter will shoot along the guide line when release. To eliminate the marbles, try to make three marbles with the same color collided together. Clear all the marbles for the next level.
  • Hold Your GroundHold Your Ground A physics game mix between Crush the Castle, and Cover Orange. Build your castle and protect folks.
  • AethelredaAethelredaCan you help her to choose what she wear for today??

  • Highschool Sweethearts Kissing GameHighschool Sweethearts Kissing GameLive the romance of two young high school students! They are very shy, so each kiss will have to go through complicated labyrinths to reach its goal.

  • Honey Tree DefenceHoney Tree DefencePlay as a hired gunman and defend the honey from incoming bears! Upgrade you abilities and shoot enemies in 25 levels. Use mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White(1991)Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White(1991)Designed by IJE, who also developed Talking Super Jeopardy! at the same time. This version uses enhanced graphics, music, and sounds.
  • Uphill VegasUphill VegasIn Vegas, everything's a break out your best moves and create a stunt spectacle!
  • Chaos RacerChaos Racer Drag and create objects to solve puzzles and help your truck reach the exit.
  • Egg FighterEgg FighterPlay as an egg and fight another egg street fighter style!

  • Block BreakerBlock BreakerSimple colorful game where you break the groups of blocks as they add up from the bottom like the game collapse. Get a highscore by breaking as many groups of blocks as possible until one column reaches the top of the stage.
  • Shoot The GemsShoot The GemsYour goal is to clear all the gems from the board. You shoot at them with gems and when three or more gems of the same color come together they explode. Gems that fell apart from the rest will explode too.Point your mouse to where you want the next gem to go and click to fire the shot.
  • Cooking Fish BreadCooking Fish Bread Make and bake a very delicious fish bread and sell it to people.
  • SkylinksSkylinksHelp Donald play through the holes. The object of the game is to get the little ball to the cup.

  • 4 Wheel Fury 24 Wheel Fury 2 Pick up ribbons for points and finish first for an extra bonus.
  • Animal MatchAnimal MatchClick on Animal Matches to collect points. But hurry up the game ends when they reach the top.Click on 2 or more like animals to remove them.
  • John Cena - Find The AlphabetsJohn Cena - Find The AlphabetsAnalyze your power of observation by finding out the alphabets. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.

  • Horse Back RiderHorse Back RiderSara Lynn loves the outdoors and riding her horse in the sunny fields. She has a taste for fashion, too, so she always wants to ride in style. Will she go with a simple southern look? Or a more sophisticated horse professional look? You decide!
  • Magic Puzzle Harry PotterMagic Puzzle Harry Potter Solve the Harry Potter puzzle.
  • Castle BattleCastle BattleShoot your cannonball at the castle to knock the treasure outside!

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