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  • Tak Moonstone MadnessTak Moonstone Madness Grab the orbs and dodge obstacles in this constant sidescroller game.
  • Chinese ChessChinese ChessEnjoying playing chess with China-style pawns.
  • Tails NightmareTails Nightmare Play Tails Nightmare Game, with sonic the hedgehog no where to be seen its up to you to help poor Tails escape from this nightmare dimension.
  • Turbo RacingTurbo RacingWin street races to move up the driving ranks & unlock better custom racing cars....

  • Chaos War 2Chaos War 2Fight Your Way Through The CHAOS WAR To Survive!

  • Halloween Hair StudioHalloween Hair StudioHalloween's just around the corner, and this trick-or-treater's needs a killer costume!
  • Blue Rabbits FreefallBlue Rabbits Freefall Grab as many carrots as possible as you fall to the earth. Watch out for ducks!
  • Cavern RunCavern Run Help Ben collect items and get across the obstacles.
  • Kissing at the Shopping MallKissing at the Shopping MallForget the clearance rack...sneak a smooch with this super-cute guy instead!Click and hold to steal a secret kiss from your hunky boyfriend—just don't get caught!
  • Pencak Silat 1 2 Defender of the MotherlandPencak Silat 1 2 Defender of the Motherland Pencak Silat is the original martial art style of Indonesian. The tournament is open with the greatest Pencak Silat warriors all over the world.
  • Perfect PonyPerfect PonyStep into the ponies' dreamland world and dress up the cutest magic horsey living there!
  • Smiley MemorySmiley MemoryFind all matching pairs of smileys!
  • 3dkitchendesign3dkitchendesign Style and design this lovely kitchen.
  • Apartment floor 97Apartment floor 97You\’ve just made it out of floor 98 and now find yourself on the bizarre 97th floor. This new floor seems to be undergoing some major renovations, and there you meet two other people who are in the same shoes as you. You must work together to escape this place and uncover the mystery behind this apartment. Good luck and have fun!
  • All That MattersAll That MattersRoll members of the Pringles family around the level as you grab keys, push objects, & avoid fire.
  • Goffy, Mickey and Donald PuzzleGoffy, Mickey and Donald PuzzleIn this game, three of the most popular character on Disney combined with each other to make an interesting puzzle game. They are: Goffy, Mickey and Donald. Try to make a complete pictures of these famous friends.
  • Two Minute DrillTwo Minute Drill Alright, you just got the two-minute warning. You\’ve got to go 80 yards to score.
  • Black BeaksBlack BeaksRun, jump, and fly through the levels and find the message in the bottle!
  • Rock Chick HairstyleRock Chick HairstyleRocking out takes a lot of energy...and a lot of style!

    Tip: The more you customize the rocker's outfit, the higher you'll score on the "Cool Meter."

  • Egg Salad SandwichEgg Salad SandwichIn this recipe game we have to cook an Egg Salad Sandwich. Follow the instructions and combine the ingredients to cook Egg Salad Sandwich. Hopefully this recipe will provide you with a tasty food. Enjoy!

  • Throw A Kiss 2Throw A Kiss 2 Control the kiss and make it reach your sweetheart. Dodge all the obstacles in time. Bunch of levels
  • Ultimate Santa BattleUltimate Santa BattleAs Santa Claus, defeat as many Shadow Demons as you can! Use a variety of Christmas themed attacks as you fight them off. The longer your combo, the higher the score!
  • Dancing PenguinsDancing PenguinsSelect various fun outfits for these cute penguins. Once you like your creation easily print and share with friends!
  • Kiss Justin BieberKiss Justin BieberHey, My name is Justin Bieber. Will you go on a fishing trip with me today? We can kiss each other on my boat but we must not get caught by the paparazzi!
  • News Hunter 2 Beat the PressNews Hunter 2 Beat the Press Do you have the killer instinct that made the Daily Show correspondents what they are today? Then its time to get out of your dreams and into our news van! Your mission is to do whatever it takes to get the story first! And be smug about it!
  • Daily JigsawDaily JigsawA new puzzle every day! Compete for the daily high score, or just relax and have fun.
  • Urban TruckUrban TruckWith a suspension this flexible, get ready to rack up some serious air time!
  • The Vegan Zombie TofuThe Vegan Zombie Tofu You need to recover the documents and bring back #5 as soon as possible.
  • Draw ManDraw ManDestroy your enemies by choosing and drawing an appropriate weapon.
  • creationcreationBe these fluffy sweeties' own Tooth Fairy making all their dreams come true, seeing that they're fed, cleaned and cured in your puppy shelter!
  • Quiz FighterQuiz FighterIts a quiz game where you are supposed to answer the questions correctly beat up your adversary. Answer the questions wrong or take too long, and you will be the one to get it.

  • The Urban Sniper VengeanceThe Urban Sniper Vengeance Think you can defeat the enemy? Take your best shot in this action packed sequel to Urban Sniper2!

    Take your shot in this stunning Sequel to Urban Sniper1. This time, you are out for pure vengeance for your father\’s death.
    Eliminate Don Pedrito and his goons, by following your instructions to kill specific targets, given to you by email.
    Remember, things aren\’t what they seem and you have to use your head as the ultimate Sniper!
    Tip: Keep an eye out for specific events to help you complete the level and remember to use the environment to your advantage (stuff can be destroyed or blown up!)
    You have limited Ammo and you are judged on your accuracy!
  • Hungry BeastHungry BeastThe Hungry Beast is really, what else… hungry! Eating is his pleasure! Help him by making some burgers using the ingredients it gathers on its plate! Have a tasty time!
  • Screen KissScreen KissFind where the girl is...
  • Run and JumpRun and JumpEscape from these obstacle-ridden worlds without hitting the spikes!
  • Air ShooterAir ShooterThis nice and addictive game requires all you skills and attention. Though the task is rather simple.

  • Jingle BallsJingle BallsYou've got just 3 clicks to freeze as many Christmas baubles, puddings and elves as you can. Click to launch a snow attack. As the snow expands it will explode anything that touches it. See what sized chain reaction you can get. Good luck!Click to launch a snow attack. You get 1 click per round.
  • The Last DefenseThe Last Defense Shoot with your cannon to the spaceships and enemy tanks.
  • Basketball ExamBasketball ExamThe player must pass the exam. To do this, hit the ball into the basket. Time of game - 2nd minute.Move your mouse cursor and make the force of impact.
  • Cheetah ChaseCheetah Chase Use your supercharged car to track down the thief who stole your delivery truck! Avoid falling boxes and collect power ups to reduce damage. Get the villian before he gets away!
  • Pony KindergardenPony Kindergarden Make Sure all the pony's are healthy and well in this fun game!
  • Aqua Raiders Treasure TrenchAqua Raiders Treasure Trench Clear all dangerous creatures from each depth level and collect the treasures. When creatures are removed, collect the treasure. Creatures automatically attack other creatures that are one step below them in the food chain. the food chain is shown beneath the game.
  • Devils AttackDevils AttackDevils Attack is a funny shooting game. Shoot all the attacking devils and save the town. Collect the coins for extra points. Each level will become more difficult with different Devils. Get bigger guns along the way (after a few levels). Defeat all the Devils of the wave or earn enough money (points) to pass the level. The final score will be the result of all levels. Submit your score when you completed level 10.
  • Pimp your GuitarPimp your GuitarDesign your ideal guitar to ROCK OUT!!

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