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  • Ben10 Omnitrix Unleashed
    Ben10 Omnitrix Unleashed
    In Ben 10 Omnitrix Unleashed, furious Ben10 is all set to take the fight to the enemy camp in order ...
  • Lucha Wrestling
    Lucha Wrestling
    Fight against the most dangerous wrestlers. You have to defeat all your opponents to win the gold be...
  • The Last Dinosaurs
    The Last Dinosaurs
    What if I told you some dinosaurs survived the extinction, forced to live underground until one day ...
  • Kamikaze Pigs
    Kamikaze Pigs
    Hush little piggy go to sleep...? Wait, this ain't right. Hush little suicidal piggy go to death, yo...
  • Dragon Fist 3D
    Dragon Fist 3D
    The ultimate fighting game, now with 2 players mode aside of its awesome campaign game play, enchant...
  • The Final Boss
    The Final Boss
    Granted with only one live and able to be accompanied by your fellow shooter, this 2 players shootin...
  • Ben10 vs Predators
    Ben10 vs Predators
    The alien invaders has found the earth accidentally, and they want to rob the rich resources on the ...
  • Ben 10 Gold Hunter
    Ben 10 Gold Hunter
    Ben 10 Gold Hunter game: Help Ben 10 move and jump with the mouse, collect coins and items, and avoi...
  • Bomb of Love
    Bomb of Love
    This is a unique, innovative, yet simple puzzle platform game with interesting new gameplay and cute...
  • Zombie Battlefield
    Zombie Battlefield
    Zombies are taking over the city! Try to keep them from destroying your barricade! Buy upgrades to g...
  • Taco fu
    Taco fu
    A Taco Bell themed side scrolling fighting game. Beat up the fatsos. Publisher:
  • Dead Rampage
    Dead Rampage
    Build a distress beacon and survive the zombie apocalypse! Publisher:
  • Urban Jungle Rumble
    Urban Jungle Rumble
    Fight the other cartoon characters and come out the winner. Unlock special moves.
  • RPG Boss Battle 2
    RPG Boss Battle 2
    Fight in this turn based RPG fighter against a computer controlled boss. Try to stay alive!
  • Final Fantasy Sonic X2
    Final Fantasy Sonic X2
    Sonic and the gang went to to Hyrule for some adventure. Where they found out the power of the sword...
  • Pinch Hitter
    Pinch Hitter
    Homerun heaven in this beautiful baseball game!
  • Ms. Pacman
    Ms. Pacman
    is a popular arcade game released by Midway in 1982. This sequel to Pac-Man differs from its predece...
  • Pop Pies
    Pop Pies
    Put on your oven mitts and blast shield and prepare for fun, matching and detonating pastries in thi...
  • The Sniper
    The Sniper
    Snipe an entire map as you zoom in and find the enemies and blast them away with your sniper rifle.<...
  • Quiz Fighter
    Quiz Fighter
    Its a quiz game where you are supposed to answer the questions correctly beat up your adversary. Ans...
  • S.W.A.T 2 - Tactical Sniper
    S.W.A.T 2 - Tactical Sniper
    As a tactical sniper pro you have to accomplish widely differing missions in the shooter game SWAT 2...
  • Cooking Show - Pizza
    Cooking Show - Pizza
    Fun and easy way to prepare pizza.
  • City Driver
    City Driver
    Drive your to the streets and get some decent job.
  • Sponge Bob SquarePants Sea Monster Smoosh
    Sponge Bob SquarePants Sea Monster Smoosh
    Similar to Dig Dug you're SpongeBob and you dig and shoot the other SpongeBob characters.
  • Jonas Bros Dress Up
    Jonas Bros Dress Up
    Dress up these three handsome Jonas brothers the way you like them....
  • Curl Rush
    Curl Rush
    Help Curl swing through these danger-filled worlds....
  • Turn Based Battle
    Turn Based Battle
    Continue to fight in this turn based battle as your enemy continues to change and get stronger....
  • Horde of English Zombies
    Horde of English Zombies
    Shoot every zombies that speak English wrong an don't let them hide back. ...
  • Animal Mahjongg
    Animal Mahjongg
    Click on 2 identical tiles to remove them from the board....
  • Busy Bee Restaurant
    Busy Bee Restaurant
    Mr. Bee's restaurant is open! As the chef, your task is to matck the food and drink ingredients with...
  • Pooch Parlor
    Pooch Parlor
    Create your own pooch! Choose your pooch,Pick your favorite collar,t-shirt,couture carrier.
  • Devils Attack
    Devils Attack
    Devils Attack is a funny shooting game. Shoot all the attacking devils and save the town. Collect th...
  • Party Planet Quiz
    Party Planet Quiz
    What planet are you from?...
  • Darkness Springs Haunted Prison Colony
    Darkness Springs Haunted Prison Colony
    Click around the world to move and go on side missions as you the fight skeleton armies....
  • Tank Wars RTS
    Tank Wars RTS
    You are the commander of your strategic use his army commanders fought well to defeat enemies....
  • Stitch Master of Disguise
    Stitch Master of Disguise
    When the Bounty Hunters come to Stitch's door, one of the pictures on the wall will light up. Your ...

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